The Grace Project

Without a huge run-up to how I got inspired to take on this project, I will say that it began when I finally admitted to myself that sarcasm was not, indeed, a spiritual gift. OK. I always knew it wasn’t, but I clung to it (I still do cling to it) as part of the “realness” of me: too clever to be kind, too smart to be fooled and too quick to be slow. So I began my project. What is the project? I’m calling it The Grace Project. A sort of transformation of me.

Over the next year, I’m going to attempt to embrace grace in a radical way in my life, in both theory and practice. I’m going to unpack the concept of grace intellectually and I’m also going to practice the art of grace emotionally and physically.

Through it all, I’m going to write about the experience. I know that I will fail, often and, probably, spectacularly. I already have, but I’m not going to talk about it now. Maybe later, when I know you a little better, I’ll tell you what happened on the very first day of my project. Which promptly became not the first day.

My aim is transparency with discernment. None of us will know whether grace is working unless I admit how horrible I can be without grace. Weight loss programs always begin with an honest assessment of caloric intake… But I don’t want this to be like watching legislation or sausage being made: so ugly or unpleasant that you will want to turn away. We’ll see how that works for me. And for you.

Bookmark me and check back. I have some interesting things to tell you and maybe you’ll make it interactive and join the convo.

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