upper right quadrant

My blog. Not as strong as coffee the way I like it or as intricately clever as a flagellar motor. Not the perfect balance of sweet and tart, like a well-executed lemon bar (the ones that drive Luc supercrazy with treat-desire). Probably not literary genius but, with hope, not dreck either. What is dreck, anyway? Ah. Rubbish or trash. From the German. Naturlich (umlaut over the u is missing; not my fault). Definitely not dreck. Honestly, I’m aiming for genius. Why not?

Whatever I say, it will be, alternately, charming or clunky; profound or profane; witty or inane; politically incorrect or full of love for the whole wide world (the original www); and always, truth on a stick or perfectly punctuated. One or the other. Failure IS an option and that’s what makes putting a dotcom after my name so exhilarating. I can’t possibly dive into writing in public and not risk metaphorical water up the nose or swim trunks around the ankles (i.e., painful discomfort or horrible embarrassment). I will not be neutral. Can I get a witness?

In the immortal words (at least in my small circle) of Piero Antinori’s winemaker, Renzo Cotarella, “You can taste, if you like.” And whether you “like” or “don’t like,” commentary is always welcome. I love a good compliment and a good argument with nearly equal passion. OK. Not really. I like arguments better. Apparently, I like sentence fragments as well. I do, however, know better. I use them for effect. Much like my bedazzler.

Let’s talk.

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